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You get a special and exclusive something every month for the price of a good cup of coffee - music, art, and writing. Here are a few things coming up: A new book ("Book of Kindness", compiling and inspiring random acts of kindness), a new EP ("Blessed and Cursed", new and original blues), recorded bedtime stories of myths and fairy tales from around the world, stickers to post on bigoted subway advertisements, and much more.

By becoming my patron, on the most basic level, you are saying that you want me to keep making music and art. By becoming a higher level patron, you are essentially commissioning my art, whether that comes in the form of A SONG (for someone's birthday, for the season/a name/an object/ an article of the English language, for a ringtone, for an anti-commercial) or A PIECE OF ART (a wire earring, a print, a video of my invisible theater company performing an ontological experiment). Let's go for it and make it really cool and beautiful and radically exciting!

The word "patron" derives from the Latin 'patronus', which means one who gives benefits to his clients. It is an ancient system used to support the arts, learning, even a political candidate - no your "support" does not equal a person.

"Art patronage tended to arise wherever a royal or imperial system and an aristocracy dominated a society and controlled a significant share of resources" (Wikipedia); if we consider how the music industry is dominated by 4 major record labels and 3 radio broadcasters, we see why such structures bet on the sexy pop superstar rather than the experimental folk artist. And such is what I am! I have written songs since I was 13, I have intensively studied folk music from masters in at least seven countries, and I have released at least one album every year for the last 5 years. And my output is only growing!

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Brian Dolphin
New York, New York
Brian has studied folk music all over the world. He writes songs, learns and teaches about music, and organizes singing gatherings. He loves Eastern European folk harmony.

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